How to Create Better Schools

Chalkbored is a small book with a big message: We must modernize schools so that all students can reach their potential. If you are concerned about the quality of schools and want change, here’s what you can do:

1. Get informed.
Many people are unaware of the serious problems plaguing education and of the simple solutions that can transform learning from a tedious experience into a liberating experience. You will not hear these ideas from the media or from school administrators, but you will hear them in my book. Chalkbored draws on the most important research in the field of education from the last 100 years and proposes a bold new plan for the 21st century.

2. Spread the word.
Tell others about the need for change. It is critical that many people understand the problems in education. Improvement has been possible for decades, but nothing has been done to reach the potential of technology. Change has not come from within. It falls to all of us to make a difference. Stand up and make your voice heard. Together, we must send a message that substandard schools are no longer acceptable for ourselves or our children.

3. Stay informed.
Keep up-to-date with important research, articles, and commentary.

4. Write, phone, or send email to decision makers.
Tell your local government, media, and school board that you want better schools, and explain how you think technology can solve the problems in education. Push for reform in whatever way you can.

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